Easy Gestational Diabetes Meal Plan For A Week

Gestational diabetes is a case of glucose intolerance that is first detected during pregnancy. It affects up to 6% of pregnant women. Even if diabetes disappears right after delivery, which is the case in 90% of patients, it can, however, lead to complications while giving birth. The special Gestational Diabetes Meal Plan aims to restore blood sugar so that the mother and baby can be and stay healthy.


The Essential Highlights Of An Easy Gestational Diabetes Meal Plan For A Week

  • Choose foods with a low glycemic index
  • Increase your intake of the healthy dietary fiber
  • Avoid simple sugars
  • Engage in any kind of mild physical activity
  • Choose foods rich in good nutrients

Benefits of a carbohydrate-free Gestational Diabetes Meal Plan

In the case of gestational diabetes in pregnant women, following a specific diet is essential. It makes it possible to:

  1. Maintain stable and normal blood sugar levels
  2. Avoid the risks of complications for both the mother and her baby
  3. To have an optimal nutritional contribution for the good growth of the fetus
  4. Limit maternal weight gain
  5. Make the right food choices
  6. Boost body energy and physical activity

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